Flanschenwerk Thal summarised


  • 1959: Founding of the "Produktionsgenossenschaft des metallbearbeitenden Handwerks - Tannhäuser" (production cooperative of metal-working craftsmanship - Tannhäuser) in Sättelstädt
  • The company was later renamed "VEB Flanschenwerk Sättelstädt" (nationally-owned Sättelstädt flange works).
  • 1991: New start for Flanschenwerk Thal GmbH with its headquarters in Thal (factory I)
  • 1993: Reconstruction of the production shop in Thal
  • 1994: Start made on producing flanges for wind power turbines
  • 1997: Relocation of flame-cut operations to the factory in Sättelstädt (factory II)
  • 1999: Relocation of the administrative offices to Sättelstädt
  • 2000: Extension work in Thal
  • 2006: Purchase and extension of the new works section in Schönstedt and relocation of the administrative offices to Schönstedt (factory III)
  • 2009: Expansion of the manufacturing shop in Schönstedt
  • 2015: Moving the production from Thal to Schönstedt


Flanschenwerk Thal GmbH now manufactures goods at sites measuring 45,000 sqm in all, of which more than 8,500 sqm are inside factories and approx. 1,000 sqm are an open air storage area with cranes. 


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